We want to turn Shetland and by extension Scotland into the green energy hub of the world and our big goal is to be at the forefront of a reputation for ‘built to last’ engineering. We continue to strive to make Shetland a thriving hub for renewables to create a greener Shetland, which is shown in our work process. We can call upon our wealth of expertise from the Oil and gas sector and apply our fabrication skills to provide the correct solution every time. 

Our reputation in the growing renewables sector has now reached beyond the island and we will are in talks with companies from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Middle East and South East Asia for their renewable engineering solutions.

Renewables are the future and as the UK continues to set out a path for reducing omissions and reliance on fossil fuels, we know Shetland can be a central location for supporting that & we want to be at the forefront of it. 

No job is too small. No job is too big. LEF is built to last. Solving your problems.

Multi-Skilled Personnel

At LEF we feel we are the best at what we do, our one stop facility allows us to be ready at all times to find the best solution to any engineering project. We are able to fabricate, construct and coat any renewable installation. Our unique assembly area means that no task is out of our capability. We are extremely passionate about our commitment to the environment and welcome any challenge relating to renewable energy applications. Where we know our talented people can and will apply the correct engineering solution every time.

Renewable Capabilities

Included, but are not limited to:

Project Management

At LEF we can provide full turnkey solutions to any engineering problem, we deploy the use of our vast industry experience to achieve this.

Site services which include but are not limited to:

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