Oil & gas

As a company at the forefront of engineering, LEF has been a pivotal player not only in Shetland but across various regions, contributing significantly to the engineering sector for over two and a half decades. Our long-standing relationship with key sites such as the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal (SVT) showcases our deep-rooted expertise and commitment to the industry. This experience, coupled with our presence in mainland facilities, positions us uniquely to offer unparalleled services both locally and beyond.

 Our highly skilled and multi-disciplined team is dedicated to delivering quality work in a safe and timely manner within the oil and gas industry. Our capability to provide skilled, local staff in Shetland, without the additional expense of travel or accommodation typically associated with contractors from across the United Kingdom, speaks to our efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This local advantage, combined with our expansive mainland presence, allows us to ensure that our client’s projects are not only completed to the highest standards but also remain cost-effective, even when operating within limited time frames.

 LEF’s workforce is adept at handling full turnkey projects, encompassing a wide range of services including structural, piping, electrical, commissioning, mechanical, and coating tasks. Our established track record at SVT and other significant locations across the region underlines our ability to manage complex projects with precision and excellence. Whether operating in the heart of Shetland or at our mainland facilities, LEF remains committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and efficiency in every project we undertake.

No job is too small. No job is too big. LEF is built to last. Solving your problems.

Vast Experience

We have the knowledge and experience to manage your project to the highest standards from concept to completion. We can provide onsite support and utilise our Lerwick workshop to design, manufacture and test whatever is required. Our friendly and knowledgeable project managers will support and lead your job from beginning to end efficiently and effectively whilst maintaining communication, tight cost control and maximum safety at all times.

Prime Location

With our prime quayside location, we are able to accommodate a variety of large client needs, including the efficient and safe mobilisation of our coded welders and various tradesmen to large vessels. We have pressure testing capabilities for both on site and off site works, please contact us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

Engineering Solutions

By combining our vast experience in this industry we are able to deliver effective solutions to any problem. LEF have a team of piping, process and CAD engineers as well as our on site scoping team to build a solution. Our premises allow us to carry out a range of projects in house in a controlled environment. However, we are as equally effective and adaptable when called onsite. If it can be made, we’ll make it. If it can be fixed, we’ll fix it.

Project Management

At LEF we can provide full turnkey solutions to any engineering problem, we deploy the use of our vast industry experience to achieve this.

Site services which include but are not limited to:

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