LEF/ Shetland Times Scotland Climate Week Feature

LEF takes strides to tackle climate change by diversifying into green energy, new energies and reducing carbon footprint

LEF Ltd recently announced its partnership with AES Solar, promising to help customers – commercial, industrial, and domestic – make environmentally conscious choices while reducing energy costs through solar energy. The partnership marked a significant step forward in the solar energy sector in Shetland, enabling LEF to offer cutting-edge services to a wide range of customers.

Key services offered through the partnership; In-House Reporting and Surveying, Solar Edge Systems, Solar Thermal Panels, Battery Storage Solutions, Off-Grid Systems, and comprehensive maintenance by the well-established and experienced team at LEF Ltd and AES Solar.

While diversifying into the solar energy sector is a new avenue for LEF, the company as a whole has an ambitious view of how the business is set to tackle climate change in Shetland. Managing Director, Jake Watt said:

“At the heart of LEF we want to turn Shetland into the green energy hub of the world and our big goal is to be at the forefront of Shetland’s reputation for ‘built to last’ engineering. Our vision by 2025 is to become the engineering hub of choice in Shetland. We plan to do this by decarbonizing the oil and gas markets with new energy technologies, making waves in the renewables market, bringing the sun to Shetland with solar and ultimately doubling our workforce in Shetland to service the upcoming energy transition.”

With a view to their longstanding reputation for high-quality engineering solutions and a highly experienced team, it’s not just externally that LEF Ltd is making changes. The procurement department at LEF Ltd is leading the change in reducing their carbon footprint through innovative measures such as implementing a cloud-based Business Management System (BMS), planning software, and quality management software to allow clients traceability and transparency on projects.

John Gair, Logistics and Procurement Lead at LEF Ltd said; “this digital transformation is helping us significantly decrease our reliance on paper-based processes, which not only reduces our environmental impact but also enhances efficiency and accessibility. By seamlessly managing procurement activities, contracts, and supplier communications in the cloud, we’re not only cutting down on paper waste but also optimizing resource allocation and streamlining operations.”

This forward-thinking approach underscores commitment to sustainability and aligns perfectly with LEF Ltd’s overarching green initiatives, demonstrating their dedication to a greener, more eco-friendly future as well as efficiency in handling Shetland’s new energy future.

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