Decommissioning – Waste to Energy – ERP Shutdown


LEF was recently involved in a major shutdown at the incinerator based at Greenhead base, Lerwick. The shutdown was completed successfully and on time with zero lost time incidents and was carried out safely and professionally by all involved. Health and safety play a massive part in a project such as this, where multiple activities are happening simultaneously, meaning planning of the highest standard is paramount.

Here at LEF, we provide our customers turnkey solutions and offer a multi-skilled workforce supporting all their required needs from fabrication and welding, mechanical and blasting and painting services, as well as project management, supervision and CAD/design services. Our involvement in this project showcases our flexibility and ability to undertake various aspects of work involved in the energy sector.

Project Solution

• A critical scope undertaken by LEF at the incinerator was installing a new air ducting system for the furnace to provide it with a sufficient volume of air to aid the burning of waste contents. The system consisted of square ducting sections with 4″ and 6″ exit nozzles, penetrating the furnace at multiple locations.

• LEF led the scope of ERP’s requirement for a furnace glass viewing access platform. This section of the project involved the design, fabrication and installation of a new staircase and steel viewing platform. This also included a new viewing access panel to the furnace, designed, fabricated and installed by LEF.

• LEF installed new aluminium panelling on the furnace casing. This involved cutting, drilling and then the fabricated panelling tapped into the existing steel work.

At LEF, our people are the key to ensuring success in everything we do. With highly skilled individuals working on aspects such as the viewing platform’s fabrication, we can provide our clients receive the best possible solution for their requests. Our staff display exemplary compliance with health and safety regulations on site or company property and proudly reflect our company values whilst undertaking any aspect of work.

Graeme Miller – Welder and Fabricator at LEF, Graeme has been with the company since 2014. Graeme commented, “LEF is a fantastic place to work; from the management’s approachability to the challenging nature of the job, I thoroughly enjoy it. I was involved in the ERP shutdown project for five weeks; I removed the old air ducting system which ran to the furnace, and upon completion of the removal, my team and I moved on to installing a new fan and air ducting system. In this project, I was also involved with installing the fabricated stairs and handrails; this required modifications to the existing structures to ensure seamless fitment.”

Rachel Moyne’s – Welder and Fabricator at LEF, Rachel has also been with the company since 2014. Rachel stated, “I enjoy working at LEF due to the variety of jobs which come through the door. I love the regular challenge of unique problems arising from the large variety of work here. I worked closely with Graeme on the ERP shutdown project, mainly in the fabrication and welding of the new pipework for the air ducting system; this included welding 90-degree pipe elbows to carbon steel pipework.”

“When LEF started the project, the work scope was to begin replacing the air ducts – the job progressed into a larger job than initially planned. LEF adapted to this and provided an effective and timely project completion. We were impressed with the on-site supervisors, and all LEF personnel fantastically conducted themselves, ensuring they were health and safety compliant. We hope to prolong our working relationship with LEF and were very impressed with their finished work and project execution.”

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