Decommissioning – Pioneering Spirit works


In early May 2022, the world’s largest construction vessel ‘Pioneering Spirit’ docked in Dales Voe and LEF was the chosen supplier for multiple work scopes. LEF deployed various skills and tradespeople to provide appropriate solutions for Allseas engineering requirements aboard the Pioneering Spirit. Our talented people here at LEF carried out all work with the high levels of professionalism we are known for. Furthermore, we always ensure that our work is conducted safely and time-effective to suit the vessel’s strict schedule.

LEF was suited to complete the dynamic work scope due to our one-stop-shop facility and our effective deployment of onsite engineering solutions. This scope required LEF to supply and fit sea fasteners and shim plates to the construction vessel and undertake a de-mob on the Iron Lady barge whilst adhering to a meticulous timescale.

LEF was appropriately suited to complete this scope of work due to our known efficient approach to engineering and industrial problem-solving. During this job, Allseas requested multiple STEM checks, welding of various winches and installation of nylon packers which wasn’t a problem for the flexible LEF team. Different weld plant hire was requested by the Pioneering Spirit during its short stay at Dales Voe, knowing the capability of LEF to deliver their needs.

Project Solution

An element of the work undertaken by LEF was the fabrication and installation of sea fasteners and shim plates aboard the DOC carrier. This process involved the in-house design of the components to perform their fabrication using our CNC capabilities. In the de-mob of the iron lady, MEWP-trained burner/gougers were issued to carefully remove any welds from the deck without damage, ensuring a swift mob and departure of the vessel.

During the scope, Allseas requested further work on top of the initial job, and this work included multiple STEM checks, welding of various winches and installation of nylon packers. This further work was implemented into the initial scope, with the LEF management team arranging additional planning and workforce to tackle the extent at Dales Voe.

The fabricated sea fasteners and shim plates were welded to the deck onsite alongside the MEWP-trained burner/gougers. LEF supplied various weld plant hire at the request of the Pioneering Spirit, which included compressors, GenSET welders, gas welders and generators, which were supplied complying smoothly with the operation.

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