Biofuel Facility (SEM)


Over the past 18 months, LEF has undertaken a progressive overhaul of various processing plant and pipework sections within SEM’s Lerwick facility. LEF deployed a wide range of skills and varied tradespeople to provide appropriate solutions for SEM’s engineering requirements. Our talented people carried out all work with the highest level of professionalism, which we are known for. Furthermore, we always ensure the completion of our work in a safe and time-effective manner.

LEF was suited to complete the dynamic work scope due to our one-stop-shop facility and our effective deployment of on-site tradespeople. Within the work scope, LEF completed jobs ranging from fabrication and installation of carbon steel pipework, all the way to decommissioning of buildings, with working at great height required. As well as key operational works, such as the modification and installation of the facility’s main 316 stainless steel processing tank which stands around 9.5m tall, LEF were also appropriately suited to complete the fabrication of the corral unit due to the size of our facilities. Our weld-hall is the largest on the island and can undertake multiple large-scale structure projects within a controlled environment, allowing us to ensure all completion of all work is to the highest standards with minimal risk from the effects of the weather.

Project Solution

A key work scope undertaken by LEF was the fabrication and installation of the facility’s corral unit. This work involved designing and constructing a steel framework with box section inlets and raised surrounding framework. The corral unit houses aqua produce in large storage containers, and our bespoke design enables SEM to manoeuvre the storage containers as per operational requirements easily. This scope involved the fabrication and installation of the relevant connecting stainless-steel pipework. LEF’s engineers also installed actuated valves as part of the connecting pipework that runs into the other plant. LEF led the installation and modification of the main processing tank within the facility; this tank is 9.5m high and 4.5m in diameter, made from 316 stainless steel.

Another aspect of the work scope undertaken by LEF included the installation of 3-inch carbon steel pipework for the diesel system within the plant.

LEF also utilised our capacity for decommissioning on various work scopes. Tasks included the safe removal of an external outbuilding and its existing chimney, alongside the removal of large storage tanks. LEF provided the working at height, and MEWP trained burner/gougers to carefully remove the top walkway before modifying sections to the correct height allowing heavy machinery to move in.

LEF carried out a tank refurbishment which included repairing and upgrading hatch covers, inlet and outlet points. This scope also required various testing on applications within the tanks, including hydro and pressure testing, which LEF supplies in-house.


At LEF, our people are the key to ensuring success in everything we do. We will ensure our clients receive the best possible solution for their requests with highly skilled individuals. Our employees display exemplary compliance with health and safety regulations on-site or on company property. As such, our people proudly reflect our company values whilst undertaking any aspect of project work.

Isaac Saint – Isaac has been a part of the LEF team since 2020; Isaacs’s primary role is Welding and Fabrication. “I enjoy my job due to the fantastic working environment. I can only say good things about the LEF management, who are always on hand to offer their support. At the SEM job, I was involved directly with the fabrication and installation of the pipelines running from the main tank. I was also involved with the construction and fabrication of the corral unit installed in the loading bay.”

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