60” Loading Header TAR


LEF collaborated closely with EnQuest to ensure a seamless refit of the 60” header flange within the tight time constraints of the site shutdown. This project presented a valuable opportunity for LEF, demonstrating successful project planning and execution. Planning commenced 3-4 months prior to the project’s initiation, involving extensive communication with the client and subcontractor engagement to ensure all necessary arrangements were in place. The project encompassed various stages including site removal, laser survey, flange refit, post weld heat treatment, NDT testing, pressure testing, delivery, and site installation. With the involvement of 7 different subcontractors and a total workforce of over 40 personnel throughout the project duration, it was a comprehensive and coordinated effort.

The refit presented our workforce with several hurdles, such as elevated benzene levels, containment issues, and unpredictable weather conditions. These challenges were compounded by the stringent time frame imposed by the terminal shutdown, continued endorsement of the loading header, signing-off 7 critical defects, and the management of multiple subcontractors to ensure operational safety and reliable operation.

The main goal for LEF during this project was to ensure safe and reliable working operations were carried out to ensure that the refit was executed to the highest of standards during the time constraint.

Project Solution

This project expanded our breadth of experience and fostered teamwork to maintain our rigorous standards. Managing subcontractors under a turnkey package was essential to accomplish all tasks, from site removal to workshop refitting and site installation, within the 21-day timeframe. Haulage, accommodation and shipping were all included within the project management scope to ensure both the materials and the sub-contractors were all on the Island at the time of the project commencement.

This scope was a big success for LEF and allowed for positive learning opportunities to be sought, trust in our delivery due to achieving the 21 day window and cemented our relationships within the industry. There were a great number of achievements during this scope, including reducing the scope from 6.5 planned days to 4. This was due to the detailed project planning that took place to ensure operations were carried out safely and reliably. This enforces that no project to a deadline, is too big or too small for LEF.

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