Our values

At our core, we are dedicated to serving Shetland with true purpose by continuing to master our skills and expertise and utilising them in a way that supports the local community in becoming prosperous and green.

With the Shetland community at our heart, we also continue to champion the developing workforce by offering opportunities to the next generation islander, with placements, training & career opportunities going to Shetland’s young people.

We are brave in setting ourselves ambitious goals, even in the face of adversity. Our can-do approach goes right through our company with every member of staff ready to think proactively in finding engineering solutions to the challenges at hand. 

We are dedicated to our craft and strive towards a greener, more eco-friendly Shetland with engineering that is built to last. 


Mission Statement 

Our vision by 2025 is to become the engineering hub of choice in Shetland. We will do this by capturing the boat building market, making waves in the renewables market and doubling our workforce in Shetland.

We’ll champion the developing workforce offering opportunities for young people of Shetland and working closely with schools to offer placements, training and career opportunities for the next generation islander.

By 2025 we will have become paperless and automated across the board, meaning we can offer exceptional levels of customer service and can meet the varied needs of our ever-expanding customer base We’re here to service big companies who need efficiency and manpower, but we’re also here for our community. By 2025 the whole of Shetland will know that there’s no job too big and no job too small for LEF.

Our reputation will have reached beyond the island and ambitiously, we’d like to be in talks with companies from Norway to The Netherlands who are looking to Shetland for their engineering solutions.

We have a thriving workforce with a positive, can-do attitude. If it can be made, we’ll make it. If it can be fixed, we’ll fix it. What’s more, we’re proud to provide our dedicated service, with a smile.