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Our Skills

As a company we are constantly looking to improve the skills of our staff by investing in them and carrying out regular training to ensure that we have some of the best quality people possible. Being a small company on an island with limited resources, it is essential we have multi-skilled staff, trained and proficient in more than one area.

Skills and Qualifications

+Project Managers

Our friendly and knowledgeable project managers will support and lead your job from beginning to end efficiently and effectively whilst maintaining communication, tight cost control and maximum safety at all times.

+Welder / Fabricators

In our opinion we have some of the best welder/fabricators around. All of our tradesmen are multi skilled guys who can both fabricate and weld, they carry out various different welding processes including but not limited to MMA, MIG, FCAW, TIG on all materials. All of our welders carry various codings that allow them to be flexible and adaptive to the majority of processes including ASME, AWS etc. If we don’t have a procedure you require we can quickly and cost effectively arrange for the testings to be carried out to your specification. They are all also trained in arc air gouging and flame cutting giving them the full package.


Our fitters have various types of experience from mechanical to marine, boiler and valve refurbishment and also pressure testing. They are flexible and can adapt to any project you require. We have fitters on long term projects at sites across the island who are happy to share their expertise with clients at all times.

+NDT Technicians

We have three NDT Technicians. They ensure the quality of welding carried out is to the highest possible standard. They can also carry out inspection offsite as well as onsite at any time that suits you.

Our technicans are trainned in

-Ultrasonic 3.1, 3.2 (Plates, Pipes & Nodes)
-Radioography Level 2 including interpration

+Weld Inspectors

We currently have 3 technicians trained to CSWIP standard, 2 technicians qualified at CSWIP 3.0 and 1 qualified at 3.1.

+Industrial Blasting/Painters

We have OPITO trained blaster and painters who have fine attention to detail, they have knowledge of multiple coating systems ranging from basic paints right through to subsea NORSOK M-501 systems. We have used most systems for the oil and gas and can cater for all types of painting and blasting applications. We are the only facility currently offering metal spray applications and our staff are very knowledgeable in this area. 

+Coatings Inspectors

We carry out all coating inspections in house, our Coatings Supervisor David Wilson is an ICORR Level 2 Coatings Inspector so we can ensure we are always producing the highest standard of quality compliant work.


We regularly have apprentices working on apprentice schemes here at L/E/F, we believe in training our staff to make sure they hold the highest skillset and ability possible whilst remaining up to date with the latest training courses available. We work in conjunction with a local training provider and also have a relationship with a current training provider on the mainland so have all areas covered.

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