Roberta Fulford’s “Big Insect Chair”

LEF had the pleasure of working on something very different and unique this winter, which is currently on display in the Shetland Museum – Roberta Fulford’s “Big Insect Chair”.

Project Solution

The big insect chair was a unique and rewarding challenge with many techniques required for its completion. Methods used include a rolled plasma cut back and stiffening brace incorporated into the design, polished stainless legs, pinned knee ball and joints, a seamless matt black finish from the blast shop and upholstered in velvet by Roberta.

The most significant part of the project was working with Roberta to convey his dream into reality. At LEF we stand by our promise that we are here for not only bigger companies but also the individuals of the Shetland Islands. It was also an excellent insight to visit the exhibition and see what it meant to a passionate artist; we recommend viewing the exhibition.

Client Reference Statement

Roberta commented on his experience with LEF – “LEF have displayed a skilled and efficient team working in a top-of-the-range engineering facility; I feel very fortunate to have found them right here in Shetland. When I contacted LEF for someone to turn my design idea into reality, I was met with a positive attitude from the start, backed up by the knowledge, skills and necessary equipment needed to see the project through to a very successful conclusion. What I found incredible is that a company that usually builds giant marine structures are adaptable enough to engineer a prototype of my chair, a job requiring an aesthetic eye, patience and fine finishing. I admire LEF as a local Shetland employer, playing a significant role in keeping Shetland at the heart of the local business and much further afield. I’ve worked with makers worldwide, and I have no hesitation in saying that LEF is not only the best I have worked with but also the most approachable, open and adaptable. “